Enduring Images: Digital Ceramic Printing Systems

Creating beautiful, personalized ceramic products is now easy and affordable with digital ceramic decorating systems from Enduring Images. Be the first to bring these unique products to your area. Artwork is touched up or modified on your computer, the “decals” are printed and can then be applied to all types of ceramic, porcelain, and porcelain-enameled metal products. Kiln firing ensures lasting images that are resistant to scratches, weather and sun fading. This is not a franchise. No franchise fees and no royalty payments. It’s your business, your way. No other manufacturing system enables entry into so many lucrative markets at such a low price.

Ceramic and Glass
Printing Systems

Custom Memorial Portraits
Custom Tile for Murals
Food Safe Tableware
Custom Glassware
Niche Products

Custom Dinnerware

Custom Dinnerware:
From Your Artwork
No Setup Fee
Food & Dishwasher Safe
No Minimum Quantity
Residential Use or Restaurants/Clubs
Porcelain, Ceramic or Glass

Custom Tile & Murals

Custom Tile and Tile Murals:
Any artwork or photo
UV stable
Will NEVER fade
Up to 1200 dpi resolution
Commercially durable
Tile murals of any size

Porcelain Photos


Porcelain Photos:
No graphics or rush fees
One week lead time (80% of the time)
Solid porcelain & enameled metal available
Lifetime Guarantee against fading and vandalism


Enduring Images has relationships with several finance companies. With low monthly payments on your digital ceramic printing system, you can have positive cash flow in your first month.

Which Ceramic Printing Option Is Best For You?

Because we sell the most advanced and environmentally safe ceramic decorating system and also manufacture items using the ceramic printing process, we have many customizable options for customers.

Start Your Own Ceramic Printing Business: 
If you’d like to start your own business, you can purchase our ceramic printing equipment and supplies and start offering products to the public. You can produce custom dishes, dinnerware, tile, porcelain portraits, and personalize a variety of other products as well. No other manufacturing system enables entry into so many lucrative markets at such a low price.

Order Custom Ceramic Products: 
If you’d like to order several or hundreds of custom dishes, dinnerware, or tiles, we can produce them for you in Golden, Colorado, USA, and ship them to anywhere in the world.

Order A Single Personalized Ceramic Product:
If you’d like to recognize a special person or commemorate a special event, we can take your photo, graphic, logo, or signature, and reproduce that image on any type of ceramic product.

We Sell the Equipment We Helped Develop

For the past 13 years, Enduring Images has been using ceramic printing in our own manufacturing operation in the Denver metro area. All day, every day, we test the limits of ceramic printing in our manufacturing operation. We are constantly improving the quality of high-resolution images printed on ceramic surfaces. No one has more experience, expertise or know-how than we do.

High Quality Printing on All Types of Ceramics

Photographs, typography, logos, artwork, images, any scanned content…you can reproduce all of these and more on all types of porcelain and ceramics. Our most popular custom items include: dishes, dinnerware, plates, cups, mugs, tiles, porcelain photos for headstones, special event items for weddings, anniversaries graduations, trophies to commemorate that big win on the playing field. You can make large images small and small images large. You can even create spectacular tile murals, custom printed on dozens, hundreds and even thousands of ceramic tiles. Personalized dishes and dinnerware are especially popular with restaurants, caterers, country clubs, bed and breakfasts……

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Digital Ceramic System

Digital Ceramic Printing Systems

For more information on our digital ceramic printing systems, or to order personalized ceramic products, please call (800) 905-3295, or e-mail us at

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