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Ceramic and Glass Printing Systems

Enduring Images is the official North American partner of MZ Toner Technologies, the inventors of digital ceramic printing.

Buy the most advanced digital ceramic and glass decorating system in the world! Digital printing technology now enables a much wider variety of products to be customized, such as:

  • Porcelain photos for cemetery markers
  • Tile murals with true ceramic durability
  • Food-safe custom tableware, plates, mugs etc.
  • Photographic-quality swimming pool murals
  • Bar coding
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Graphics permanently fired onto porcelain dental crowns and veneers
  • Kiln-fired family pictures for a “paint your own studio” project
  • Custom-imaged porcelain enameled appliance skins
  • Bath and plumbing fixtures

If your direction is to go “GREEN”, digital ceramic printing has the smallest environmental foot print of any ceramic decorating technology and it uses less energy. Its use of dry print chemistry eliminates all organic solvent and other liquid waste streams generated by other ceramic decorating processes.

The Enduring Images digital ceramic printing system prints up to 1200×1200 dpi resolution. It is far superior to other commercial ceramic imaging technologies that use screens, films or mass production processes. MZ Toner Technologies invented digital ceramic printing and has over 20 patents on the process so beware of imitators! Our system delivers higher image resolution at lower production cost in less time and with near zero environmental impact as compared to traditional ceramic decorating processes. It is now possible for almost any company or individual to produce high quality ceramic and glass products using essentially any artwork. To see how simple this system really is CLICK HERE.

The system produces true ceramic images which are kiln fired at up to 2300+ degrees F (depends on your end use and the toner formulation used), thus delivering all of the expected durability, UV stability, scratch and abrasion resistance, and beauty of commercial porcelain and ceramic products.

Production systems are very affordable and range in price depending on your production requirements. The right system can be configured specifically for you. The material cost to produce finished ceramic decals is around 6 cents per square inch. This cost includes water slide decal paper, ceramic toner and transfer media (cover coat). The material costs are very small. Enduring Images includes, as part of the system price; training, all necessary materials and equipment. FINANCING IS ALSO AVAILABLE!

Click here for a Brief History of Ceramic Imaging.


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