Create Beautiful Custom Dinnerware

Do you think custom dinnerware is only for the rich and famous?  Think again!  Enduring Images creates personalized, affordable dinnerware using your custom artwork, photo or logo for a truly personal and unique look . We print using advanced digital ceramic printing technology and kiln fire the decoration to around 1600+ degrees Fahrenheit. The result – very economical pricing, the highest resolution possible, commercial durability and brilliant color.


When you send us your project; we do not send it to China! We are a woman owned business and we manufacture here in the USA: all of our plates are hand decorated in Golden Colorado! To learn more about our custom dinnerware offering, CLICK HERE.


As we do not charge a set-up fee, our pricing is affordable. Utilizing the latest in digital ceramic printing, our quality is beautiful.


You may order any quantity you desire, including just one!


Our tableware is dishwasher safe


 and is tested to meet food service safety standards of the FDA and California Prop 65.


If you would like help in designing your own unique pattern, we have a graphic design team to assist you. Your design or ours, beauty simplified.


Our pricing varies depending on the quantity, size, shape and brand of the tableware you choose as well as the complexity/size of the artwork. To learn about basic customization prices, CONTACT US.


Custom Plate Designs with Text, Logos & Images

Here are some custom printed plates that we have created for other customers in the past (click any image to see an enlarged version and slideshow)

Common Questions About Ceramic Printing

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Metallics and Flourescents

Enduring Images is unable to print metallic or fluorescent colors.  We can simulate metallic colors, but the simulation does not reflect light like true metal.  We can, however, customize some plates that are pre-decorated with metallic designs, such as gold or silver bands.  If we have never fired your choice of metallic boarder plates before, we will want to test fire one plate prior to production – some metals do not fire well and will crack or melt.

Color match

We DO NOT guarantee color match.  We DO guarantee beautiful decorations that are an extremely close representation of your art.  As with all printing systems, perfection is unattainable but very close is possible.  For us to get as close as possible on color, you will be asked to send us a print/hardcopy of your art in the mail, in addition to the high resolution photo you send via email.  This will help to avoid computer screen differences.

NOTE: Color variation is inherent in all kiln-fired products.




We ask that you send your artwork sized to the approximate dimensions of the plate you choose.  Your artwork should be 300 dpi or greater – given high resolution photos, we can print up to 1200 dpi – and sent in either JPG, TIF, or PSD format via email. 

NOTE: If extensive changes to the artwork are necessary, or if you need assistance in creating a design, our graphic team is happy to help!  Our hourly charge is $35/half hour for this service.


Paintings on dinnerware

If you are interested in your own artwork/replica of a painting or drawing on your dinnerware, in addition to the color discussion (above), please note that during the firing process in the kiln, some brush strokes/color variations may or may not remain visible.  While there may be some compromises in the perfection of the reproduction, the result will be more long lasting than any other substrate that you can put your artwork on.  In the end, there is no perfect system to duplicate all aspects of artwork.

Photos on dinnerware

If you would like put your photos on plates; please keep in mind the shape/sizing of the photos will need to fit with the geometry of plate that you choose. Sending us pre-cropped photos keeps your costs down.

Copyrights on artwork

If the artwork is not yours, we will require a signed copyright release simply stating that you have the rights to duplicate the art.

Assistance with graphics

If changes to the artwork or sizing of graphics is necessary OR if you need assistance in creating a design, our graphic team can help! Our hourly charge for this work is $35/ half hour with a half hour minimum. .

Digital proofs and physical samples

Once you have placed your order, upon request, we will e-mail a digital proof free of charge. This is for art placement only.

You may also be interested in a sample plate mailed prior to production of your order. If this is the case, the sample price will be determined by the plate size and decoration involved.


Turn-around time

Turn-around time depends on your order quantity. Typical orders should ship within 3-4 weeks from final approval. If you have a specific due date that requires quicker shipment, we may be able to accommodate a RUSH order but there will be an additional fee for this.



A 50% deposit is due at time of order and the other 50% plus shipping and handling is due the day we ship. We accept Visa/MC as well as checks. Please ask about our web check service. It is more secure than any other method of payment.


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