Enduring Images Inc., a woman-owned business, is the North American leader in high resolution digital ceramic printing.  Our ceramic printing technology is bringing a new level of personalization to products as diverse as memorial portraits, dinnerware, tile and tile murals for residential and commercial construction, medical prosthetics and special event/ family heirloom commemorative pieces.   Our printing systems can be found in 100s of locations around the world including Monument companies, “Paint Your Own” ceramic studios, ceramic arts programs at Universities, and many small and large businesses.  

Founded in 2003 and based in Golden, Colorado, Enduring Images combines state of the art digital printers with revolutionary ceramic toner formulations to produce simple to use, low cost ceramic decorating systems.  Our ceramic printers are enabling entrepreneurs to start businesses from their homes and existing business owners to expand their product offering. We use this same technology in our in-house manufacturing to produce memorial portraits, custom tile and custom food safe tableware with permanent, full color, high resolution decorations unique to each customer.  Because our process is digital, it is fast, easy to use and inexpensive.  Our ceramic printing systems are making personalized products affordable for everyone and enabling new business opportunities at a fraction of the cost of a typical business start-up.

We create enduring tributes to life and enable entrepreneurs to take control of their futures with the latest in digital ceramic printing.

Enduring Images – Beauty Simplified!

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Digital Ceramic System

Digital Ceramic Printing Systems