Preventive or Reactive Ceramic Printer Maintenance? – Part 2

Conversations with unhappy customers are never pleasant. It reminds me of all the scolding’s I got as a kid. The silver lining now is that I no longer have to worry about my father taking his belt off, and I also know that unhappy customers make us better. I suppose that was the purpose of […]

It’s all about the Photoshop Work

There are a lot of products out there that use ceramic as the basic material of construction.  Tile and tableware are everywhere but list goes on and on – porcelain dental veneers, beer growlers, pet bowls, memorial portraits, Christmas ornaments, gift ware, signage, appliance skins (porcelain enameling on metal) etc.   For every product there is […]

Color and Color Spaces

Most people never give a second thought to color theory.  But color is one complicated subject and is a constant focus of R&D in the multi-billion dollar global printing industry.  The physics of light and optics alone scares me but overlay on top of that the fact that everyone’s eyes are different and so each […]

Can you REALLY print a full color ceramic decal with a LASER printer??

Until Michael Zimmer invented digital ceramic printing (first patent in 1993, numerous patents since), all ceramic decorating was a fairly messy, analog and environmentally challenging liquid process. Liquid glazes and liquid ceramic cover coats using acetone, MEK, Naphtha and other organic solvents were used for essentially all ceramic decorating. The processes for applying the liquid […]

Who Do You Trust?

I think it’s hard to know who you can trust, especially in the small business world. After 30 years at DuPont I have great respect for the long term value of operating honestly. That principle is drilled into everyone who works there from the first day you start. I think too many small business people […]

Ordinary riches can be stolen; real riches cannot

I’m no lawyer but I think your lawyer would agree with this.  Ask them.  See what they say. Suppose you are in front of your bank and you see a guy in a ski mask carrying a shot gun enter your bank.  A few moments later you hear gun shots, people screaming, and out he […]

20% Discount On Select Porcelain Inventory

We are pursuing further improvements in our porcelain inventory.   Beginning in June, we will place monthly replenishment orders to take inventory to a two month quantity.  The plan is to have one to two months of inventory at all times.  Please send in all orders for your porcelain requirements by the 23th of each month.  […]

Preventive or Reactive Ceramic Printer Maintenance?

I went on a diet last month.   I think I’m too old to go on a diet.  But, among other things, one consequence of aging (I really hate that word!!)  has been living the slow down of my metabolism and the increase of my waist line.  Normal I guess but certainly no fun.   My wife […]

The Devil is in the details

The Devil is in the details –One of the greatest resources to the US consumer is Consumers Union, the publishers of Consumers Report. Consumers Report puts Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) data into the hands of the consumer. I’ve been a life long reader and recommend it highly. They are a non profit organization that accepts no advertising […]

Crisis Management. It happens to everyone.

It happens to everyone. You’re first job for a customer who can bring you a lot of future business and the production deadline is upon you. Things are all going to plan when disaster hits. Your printer goes haywire. Days pass as the usual corrective measures fail to solve the problem. Time to call in […]

“That which is most important, is invisible to the eye…”

If you have never read “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupery put it on your list, and put it on your children’s list. From a 10 year old child’s perspective it is a fun trip through outer space with lots of wonderous characters along the way. From a more philosophical adult perspective it contains […]

“You’re far better off buying a great product at a fair price than a fair product at a great price.”

bad credit personal loans alberta Enduring Images was founded in 2003, and in April 2004, we made our first commercial sale of a digitally printed ceramic product. This first printed ceramic product was created using a Canon CLC 750 copier, and in the years since then,the digital ceramic printing equipment and technology have changed dramatically. We were one […]

If it smells bad, It probably is bad! So don’t do it!

    loan cash advances If it smells bad, It probably is bad! So don’t do it!   Until Zimmer invented digital ceramic printing, all ceramic decorating was a liquid process. Liquid glazes and liquid ceramic cover coats using acetone, MEK, Naphtha and other nasty solvents were used for essentially all ceramic decorating. Many who use our […]

Enduring Images Educates A & E subscribers on How to Create a Tile Mural

Enduring Images was featured in an article for A & E Magazine about how we create our tile murals. See the entire article here them theseyear from each bureaularge amountgetting money quickly

Enduring Images Custom Tile Mural Featured in New York Times

Tile Mural we made for a restaurant in New York. the lotteryEasy Quick Payday Loans Online

Happy New Year from Enduring Images!

apply bad credit personal loan Wishing all of our clients, vendors, colleagues and friends a happy and prosperous 2012!

Enduring Images Featured on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Product from Golden, CO-based Company Showcased on December 16 Episode GOLDEN, CO (December 5, 2011)—Enduring Images, the leader in ceramic customization, will be featured on the Friday, December 16 episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.  The company produced a custom tile mural for the award-winning reality program on ABC. The episode featuring the Rhodes Family […]