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Customized Printing On All Types Of Ceramics And Glassware

Once you’ve purchased our ceramic printing equipment, you can start printing custom photographs, graphics, logos, artwork, and other images on all types of ceramic products and glassware.

Dishes & Dinnerware

You can custom print images on all types of dinnerware, from standard porcelain dishes to very fine bone china.

Personalized dishes and dinnerware are popular with:

  • restaurants, diners, cafes, and eateries
  • caterers
  • country clubs
  • event centers
  • spas and resorts
  • bed and breakfasts, inns, and boutique hotels
  • wedding, party, and event planners
  • private jet owners
  • private yacht owners

Individuals, couples, and families also often purchase custom dishes and dinners for:

  • anniversaries (especially 25th anniversaries and 50th anniversaries)
  • weddings (especially as gifts)
  • births and baby showers
  • birthdays
  • retirements
  • recognition (especially for pastors and teachers)
  • awards
  • other special occasions, holidays and celebrations

It’s easy to print logos, photos, graphics, and full-color reproductions on:

Thanks to our unique, patented process, products made with our top-quality ceramic printing equipment don’t fade or peel, and they’re FDA-certified safe and dishwasher-safe.

Tiles & Murals

Using our patented, state-of-the-art ceramic printing equipment and process, you can take any artwork, graphic design, image, photo, or logo, and print it on a single tile or a collection of tiles (to form a mural). Unlike custom tiles and murals produced using a sublimation product, our patented ceramic printing process creates custom tiles that won’t fade, even after years of exposure to direct outdoor sunlight.

Personalized tiles and murals can be used by:

  • interior decorators and designers
  • architects
  • general contractors and developers
  • kitchen and bath designers and remodelers
  • swimming pool installers
  • artists
  • flooring companies

It’s easy to print logos, photos, graphics, and full-color reproductions on:

  • custom bathroom tiles
  • custom shower tiles
  • custom kitchen tiles
  • custom backsplash tiles
  • custom floor tiles
  • custom swimming pool tiles
  • custom commercial tiles

Porcelain Photos

Porcelain photos have become popular in the funeral industry, as more people request cameos that can be mounted to monuments, headstones, and gravestones.

With our ceramic printing machines, you can easily reproduce photographs onto porcelain cameos, using a simple process that ensures high quality and no fading.

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