Digital Ceramic and Glass Printing Systems

Enduring Images sells Digital Ceramic Printing Systems and Digital Glass Printing Systems

Customize a Printing system to meet YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS!

There is not “one universal system” to fit all needs.  Our printing packages are built specifically for your situation.  Customizing ceramic and porcelain?  Personalizing glass products?  Need full color or just black and white?  How large a print page will you need?  Do you need a kiln or do you already have one? Are you a school, start-up or established business? 

Enduring Images offers two printing systems: 

Ricoh SP C440DN LASER Printer AND Ricoh SP C840DN LASER Printer

  • Four-color ceramic/glass printers
  • Custom paper size up to 12.6 X 49.6 inch (C840DN) OR 8 ½ by 49 inches (C440DN)  
  • Max image resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi
  • Four color Toner options – Standard CMYK, Food Safe CMYK, Selenium Red CRYK, and in-glaze (high fire) CRYK
  • Custom colors – white, cobalt blue

CALL US or enter your information to Request a Quote!  We would love to help answer any questions you may have and help you start/expand your ceramic decorating business.    

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Digital Ceramic System

Digital Ceramic Printing Systems