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Make your own Porcelain Portraits

Enduring Images enables monument companies to produce their own memorial portraits and make them for other monument shops if desired. You can make a typical porcelain portrait for around $5 in total material cost and pay off your production system in less than a year. The system includes enough toner to produce approximately 2400 (depending on size) portraits.

Many monument shops that start making their own portraits stop selling them and instead include one on every monument they sell. It makes sense to do that when you are making your own. You will likely pay off the system in a few months if you take that approach.

It takes about 5 minutes (not counting firing in the kiln) to make a portrait if the starting photo is of reasonable quality. See this video on How to make memorial portraits.

Improve sales, customer service and profits by making your own porcelain portraits. It’s simple and clean. See what our customers say.

Whether you want to make them yourself or buy them from us, we hope we have the chance to work together!


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