Greater Profit for Monument Builders – Porcelain Photos Made In-House

Enduring Images ceramic printing systems can help monument builders provide more options, generate more profit and deliver better service to their customers when they make their own porcelain photos.

Produce your own memorial portraits and make them for other monument shops if desired. You can make a typical porcelain portrait for around $6 in total material cost and pay off your production system in as little as a few months.  How? Stop selling them and instead include one on every monument. It makes sense to do that when you are making your own. 

It takes about 5 minutes (not counting firing in the kiln) to make a portrait if the starting photo is of reasonable quality. Watch our video on how to make memorial portraits >>

Improve sales, customer service and profits by making your own porcelain portraits. It’s simple and clean. See what our customers say.

  • Create porcelain photos on-site with your own equipment
  • High resolution
  • Industry standard durability
  • UV and weather resistant
  • Low cost per piece to produce
  • The same industry standard process used by commercial producers

The Possibilities Are Endless

Why buy portraits from someone else when you can easily make them yourself?  Join Monument Builders across the country who are already making their own portraits! Don’t believe it? Please ask us for our testimonial list and talk to other monument shops who are enjoying the benefits of making their own portraits in-house.

Whether you want to make them yourself or buy them from us, we hope we have the chance to work together!

Get Better, Cleaner & Greener

Our ceramic digital printing systems and toners are some of the most environmentally friendly in the industry due to formulation composition, production process, and disposal. With our unique toners, you no longer have to worry about solvents, plastic films or liquid waste generated by other portrait production systems.

In addition, the entire process is a lot easier since you don’t need screens, films or mass production techniques. You get high image resolution and lower production cost in less time and near zero environmental impact. Enjoy the freedom to create your own high quality ceramic and glass memorial products using nearly any artwork or photo!

Additional Income Potential

We offer several production systems that offer a range of prices and features to meet your needs and budget. Plus, we will configure the perfect system based on your production process and output goals. The material cost to produce finished ceramic decals is only about 6 cents per square inch! We include all training, necessary materials, and equipment to help you create beautiful portraits to last a lifetime. We even provide financing options to help get you going.

Digital Ceramic System

Digital Ceramic Printing Systems