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What Else Makes Enduring Images Unique?

Enduring Images is the exclusive North American partner of MZ (Michael Zimmer) Toner Technologies , the inventor of the first fully patented digital ceramic printing technology. When you buy a system from Enduring Images, you receive a license under the patented technology granting permission to use the patented technology to make and sell products.

Why is this so important?

MZ Toner Technologies has four US patents covering the toner, the processes for applying ceramic toner, and on a printing device to apply the toner. No one can “…make, use or sell…” anything covered by one of these patents unless authorized. For example, if you purchase a digital ceramic printing system from a company that isn’t authorized to grant a license, you may be an infringer if you use the process to make something, like a porcelain portrait, or sell something made by the process. Patent infringement carries a potentially large penalty of treble damages plus an award of whatever was spent on attorney fees. A license to use the patented technology is included as part of the price you pay when buying a system from Enduring Images. The license is specifically noted in our sales agreement.

Why are Patents so important to all of us?

Patents were devised to stimulate innovation and reward those people and companies who take the time and invest the considerable money and effort needed to create something new. Without Patents, there would be little incentive for this investment because the inventor would be ripped off immediately leaving little opportunity to recover their investment. Even with patents, there are companies willing to do this. Patents are the engine for innovation. Without them, we might still be driving horse drawn carriages.

Ever read a Patent?

It’s really easy and can even be fun. While Zimmer has a host of patents on the process, the one most interesting is Patent number 6,068,692. DOWNLOAD HERE  You can also find this at (this is the US government patent database.)

What Else?

Enduring Images has been using digital ceramic printing for almost 10 years and has been selling and supporting digital ceramic printing systems for 6 years. We do it legally, honestly and ethically. In addition to being the only North American company who can license the MZ Toner Technologies patent rights to our customers, we are also an authorized Ricoh reseller and can sell any needed spare parts at dealer cost. We will provide you Material Safety Data Sheets on all of our toners and cover coats.

If you find it difficult to calculate the cost of tech support over the life of the system, no worries. We also bundle unlimited telephone technical support in all of our systems. We have many customers who are happy to describe their experience with digital ceramic printing and with Enduring Images.

When you buy from us, you buy from the original, most experienced supplier of digital ceramic printing technology in North America.


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