Product Testimonials

The plate has been delivered! Thanks again for everything. You really made it a breeze for us under such a tight deadline!

Best regards,

On a scale of 1 to 10 the dinnerware was an 11. Beautiful craftsmanship. The boss has only seen pictures, but I can guarantee you he will feel the same as I do. Great job guys and it was a pleasure dealing with you on a personal level. I will send you pics when we set everything up in the aircraft.

The platter looked absolutely amazing and everyone wanted to know where I got it from because it was so beautiful. So now the Enduring Images name is floating around northwest Iowa. You and the staff did an amazing job and I cannot thank you enough. It was great, everything was great.

Joe W.
Jet Express

Thank you for replying and being patient with me. It really meant a lot. Thank you so much again and you never know I might be calling again for some kind of wedding day surprise or decorations. Thank you, thank you, thank you Karen and have a great summer.

Andrew P.

The shower glass finally got installed yesterday. So – I am attaching a few photos – with and without the glass. The tile is fabulous – we love it! I wish the mural was bigger – but I was afraid that the photo would not be clear enough. This is perfect! We definitely will use you again – and will refer you to anyone looking to do something similar with tile. Thanks so much!


My husband Tom and I had the luck of discovering your web site on line while we were looking for ideas on how to finish our tile work in our ensuite.

The time and patience shown by yourself and fellow workers was quite amazing. We appreciated your guidance in letting us know that our initial choice for the tile would not work. One would have imagined we were a large client by the attention we got for such a small order including time spent with your graphic artist.
We are very impressed with the whole operation and are planning a trip to see your facility in the spring and are interested in becoming dealers. We are enclosing a picture of the finished product.

Bev and Tom Boyer


Phil, I wanted to follow up on the last order that you provided the Brooks Family. That was the best looking cameo that I have ever presented to a family in my 7 years with this company. Her husband fought back tears when I showed him the cameo before installing it. I want you to know that I feel that Resthaven Memorial Park will have a very good relationship with Enduring Images if you guys keep cranking out work like that. The communication and updates that you keep with me, is excellent. If you communicate with all your customers like you do with me then I feel that Enduring Images has an excellent representative. Your title says it all Phil, Director of Business Development. Thanks to all the people behind the scenes that made this happen. I look forward to doing business with you in the future, and will recommend your services to everyone that I can.

Juan M Vasquez Jr., Resthaven Memorial Park


THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of your assistance and support with my table for the 2011 Dining By Design event for Northwestern Memorial Foundation.  The end result was truly smashing, and received a great deal of attention and much praise.

I am so grateful for all of your hard work & efforts to assist me with my table, and truly feel that the design, as realized, was easily the best one this year!  Thanks to you, my client was well supported and well received.

I am including a weblink to the portfolio page, with the new table pictures on display:  http://www.professionaldesignservices.net/FOLIO_10.html

Very truly yours,
Sanjay R Singhal, RA


I had sent an e-mail when we received the china. I am sorry that you did not get it. We LOVE what you have done! The printing came out great! Our clients have not seen them yet but I’m sure that they will love them too! It’s not often that we get to do such a special thing for a client. Thank you and everyone that helped us!!

I’ll keep you in my contacts for future projects thanks again!

Arlanne G

I just received your package. Normally I would wait until after the show to do my e-mail but I just had to write and tell you how much I love what you do! It is just beautiful. I have showed everyone in the newsroom.

I’m thinking of a way we can incorporate your product into our show.

Denver TV News Anchor

The platter arrived today and, as you predicted, I love it !!! Thank you, both, for all you did to make it happen. Your company provides a special service, and I am happy to know about you. I will use you again if I have another special request like this

Joyce Hayes

Thank you for all of your efforts.  Please feel free to put this on your web site.  Enduring Images and EHS overcame many obstacles to get this final product.  🙂

Thanks again,


Just wanted to let you know that the tile murals are gorgeous. They’ve been out since June and we’ve gotten lots of feedback on them! Thank you so much for doing such a great job on them.

Sarah Hatfield, Jamestown Audubon Society

Digital Ceramic Printing System Testimonials

Good Evening, Ron,

Just finished reading the two articles in the MB News about ceramic printing. I think your piece was on the mark, we in the monument industry have a tendency to lag behind the curve with regard to new technology.

Since acquiring Roselawn Monuments we have always offered a promotional item, on premium memorial sales with varying results.

First we tried using a Home Memorial Portrait offered by a vendor who would furnish one free MP with the hope of selling multiples or other items or services.  This required no real effort on our part except furnishing the name and address of our client. However we learned some of our clients were being high pressured into purchasing additional services, which I felt reflected poorly on Roselawn Monuments.

We began using Memorial Bibles on memorial purchase over $600.00.  The program was fairly well received however we bore the entire cost of the program and we couldn’t justify providing the premium for our clients who purchase lower cost memorials.

Since replacing our premium program with the Memorial Portraits we have found an economical venue to provide every client who purchase a memorial with a complimentary Promotional Porcelain Cameo.  The benefits have been phenomenal. Overall we sell more Memorial Portraits ( upgrades are about 35% over the promotional size), price shoppers are impressed with the Complimentary Memorial Cameo with many returning to purchase memorial work, families come in asking about Cameo’s they’ve seen in the cemetery or have been told about by other clients.

In general business is up, we’ve always offered a better memorial product with more variety, however I’m certain the Promotional Memorial Portraits Program has been a significant contributing factor in our business growth since we acquired our system.Being able to produce our ceramics in house definitely gives us an advantage.  Only regrets is we didn’t do it sooner. Ron, words alone will simply not express my appreciation for the part you and the staff at Enduring Images has played in our success with ceramic printing.   The support has been excellent and the friendship Enduring. All THE BEST.


Shelly Roy
CFSP Roselawn Monuments


I love my system and the superb support and continual contact I have received.

This was a big investment for us and we did a lot of research and took our time.

We found many other companies had gone out of business or weren’t providing support. What good is even a cheap system if you can’t consistently get help and products to
make it work!

It has been over a year now since I purchased the system and I can happily report that all is still great. Every couple of months I have been contacted and helped with my own unique use of this system. And the support is quick!

Bottom line, you get what you pay for. I wanted the best for my customers so I got the best to begin with.

Kim DiMaggio

For several years I debated on purchasing the system, at the time I used an outside agency to do my prints. The Ricoh system is by far much better than the old systems and much easier to use than I expected. Proper training and tech support were provided and still continue at this time. The staff at Enduring Images are friendly and very knowable on all areas of the system and application etc. The only question I am left with is why did I wait so long?

Michele LaCombe, Created By Mechel

I first learned of Enduring Images while visiting the 2007 Coverings tradeshow in Chicago. My first impressions were that the people were very pleasant and professional. The system they offered seemed capable of meeting my business needs. My initial impressions of Enduring Images have held true over time. There have been many more times when I have recognized the quality of this company. During the training session they worked one-on-one with me to insure that the system would most closely fit my application. I would highly recommend Enduring Images to anyone interested in dealing with them. You will not be disappointed.

Dave White, Aesthetic Tile Imaging, CA

This has been the best investment that I have ever made. As for anyone who might read this testimonial, let me assure you that I knew absolutely nothing about ceramic printing, that’s how easy Ron’s digital printing system can be. I did not know what a kiln was. Ron, I want say thank you again for helping me increase my bottom line, and for being there for me. P.S. tell the crew I said Hello.

Terry Watkins, Watkins Vaults, Greenmeadow Cemetery


I don’t know why everybody doesn’t do this!

Grant Hogarth
Sterling Monuments

Please accept this letter as a “Thank You” for helping SI Memorials to begin creating our own porcelain photos using the Enduring Images photo cameo process. We chose the Konica machine because of the simplicity and ability to service with replaceable components.

There was a learning curve to the process, but mostly in the photo processing aspect. Once the machine was delivered we were up and running with just a few tweaks to gain the quality that we were looking for to keep our customers satisfied with the end result.

You explained the product thoroughly and have continued to provide support when necessary. Those aspects along with your company’s ability to provide backup if we do have problems with our machine were very important in making the choice to purchase the Enduring Images system.

Our company has benefitted by producing a quality porcelain photo for our customer in a shorter time frame, cutting our costs to provide the photo by doing it in house, and lowering the cost to our customers. In our market with the economy struggling we are able to add value to our product by using the Enduring Images system.

Mike Forbes, Regional Manager SI Memorials